• Color: Pale yellow to dark yellow, golden brown
  • Chemical composition: SiO2, Silicion dioxide
  • Mineral class of oxides, quartz group
  • The color is ionized by aluminum and deposits of iron in very high temperatures
  • Crystals: (trigonal) six-sided prisms with pyramids
  • Locations: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Argentina, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland, Spain


  • Color: dark red, flesh red with black deposits
  • Chemical composition: MnSiO3, Manganese silicate sometimes with some calcium, iron, and magnesium
  • Mineral class: chain silicates
  • Effect of ions: Calcium, manganese
  • Crystals: (triklin) tabular, columnar
  • Locations: Australia, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Tanzania, Mexico, Russia (Ural), Sweden, USA (New Jersey)

Our Story

Our story begins with the greatest and most significant mystery of humanity, the big bang, and thus with the emergence of space, time and matter. Chemical reactions, as well as the interplay of natural energy sources, such as the sun, the water and the wind, for instance, cause an atomic connection between all minerals on our planet.


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